I saw this one in a trade fair the other week. I went to see a tourism exhibition for some work we may be doing on the tourism industry, but the fair was dominated by foreign exhibitors looking for markets for their products.

For example, Barf washing detergents are looking for distributors for their product. Any offers?

Getting hold of this box was a bit embarrasing actually. I went up to the stall and said "Excuse me, please could I buy a box of your washing detergent, its really important."
"Err, buy, what, excuse me? What do you want please? Can I be helping you sir?"
"Yes, could I have some Barf please?"
"Yes sir, please, have this box, thank you sir, please."

So there you have it, a free box of Barf. (Even more bizarre is that this promotional box is actually a box of tissues!!!???).

Pork is either illegal here, or heavily dutied, or something. So what do you do if you want bacon?

Answer: Turkey bacon!

Sadly, not quite the same taste or texture, but worryingly close. Now you know what Bernard Matthews, or Oscar Mayer does with all of those turkeys.

This classic was found in the 'English' bar in The Nizwa Hotel. Chicken lollipops to go with those other traditional english dishes.
So you're in the interior of the country where its hot and you're sweating like crazy. You fancy a drink of something to cool you down. What do you choose? Coke? Pepsi X? Mountain Dew?

No, you're wrong. Pocari Sweat is what you need. Modelled here by Saj, its the perfect way to cool down on those days when the mercury hit 41C.